Construction industry

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What do we offer the construction industry?

Drone technologies provide a variety of solutions for construction projects. From safe site investigations to regular construction documentation – we support companies in all construction phases

Fast, precise and safe – drone applications in the construction industry

Comprehensive preliminary exploration of the terrain surface and subsoil

Detection of explosive ordnance in the building ground by a certified specialist company according to §7 and § 20 SprengG

Identification and precise positioning of metallic and live cables

Detection of metallic waste, disruptive bodies or archaeological structures

Regular documentation of the current status of construction projects

Preliminary site investigation

As part of the approval planning for construction projects, the subsoil must be examined for contamination by explosive ordnance. Ground-based explosive ordnance surveys pose risks for the personnel involved due to hidden explosive ordnance and challenges due to impassable terrain. The use of drone technology enables the subsoil to be surveyed safely and regardless of the terrain – and is 10x faster than conventional methods. Our drones also record metallic and live cables, contaminated sites, archaeology and infrastructure – for extensive preliminary surveys of the surface and subsoil before construction begins.

Construction documentation

Drones enable the current status of construction projects to be recorded quickly and precisely and avoid the challenges of ground-based surveying and inspection. High-resolution images are taken regularly and during ongoing construction work, and construction progress is documented quickly and cost-effectively.

"ASDRO is an innovative building block for the professional handling of construction projects. With the support of ASDRO, we can advise our customers even better."
Michael Ruland