Energy infrastructure

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What do we offer renewable energies?

The use of drones provides versatile solutions for infrastructure projects. Whether preliminary route exploration or construction documentation, we support companies in different construction phases.

Drone solutions for energy routes - non-destructive and safe

Comprehensive preliminary investigation of the terrain surface and subsoil

Detection of explosive ordnance in the subsoil by a certified specialist company in accordance with Sections 7 and 20 of the Explosives Act

Identification and precise positioning of metallic and live cables

Detection of metallic contaminated sites, disruptive bodies or archaeological structures

Regular documentation of the current status of construction projects

Preliminary route exploration

As part of the approval planning for construction projects, an examination of the subsoil for contamination by explosive ordnance must be arranged. During conventional explosive ordnance sounding, the subsoil is walked or driven over with measuring devices. There are risks for personnel involved due to hidden ordnance and challenges posed by impassable terrain.

The use of drone technologies enables safe and non-destructive exploration of the subsoil. Cultivated fields can be crossed, meaning no preparatory work is required.

Our drones also detect pipelines, contaminated sites and archaeological structures. Recording the route surface is also important for extensive preliminary investigation. To calculate the cost of compensation payments, we identify route areas in agricultural use and their development after the line has been installed.

Construction documentation

Drones enable quick and precise recording of the current condition of routes during construction work and avoid the challenges of ground-based measurement and inspection. High-resolution images are taken at regular intervals and during ongoing construction work and the construction progress is documented quickly and cost-effectively.