Renewable energy

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What do we offer the renewable energies?

Drones record the current status of wind and solar farm areas quickly and regardless of the terrain. Through the use of drones, cultivated fields can be checked for explosive ordnance or archaeological suspicions even without access permission and offer a cost-effective alternative to ground surveying by humans.

Precise and fast detection of wind and solar parks using a drone

No entry permit is required for the exploration

Ordered fields can easily be skimmed over

Less stress with the property owners!

Exploring and measuring wind and solar parks is necessary in order to identify and eliminate risks in a timely manner. Soundings by humans and ground-based measurements require a lot of time.

The use of drones enables quick and highly precise detection of obstructions, lines and survey-relevant areas from the air – even in areas that are difficult to access. Thanks to the rapid project completion and high data quality, the use of drones for sounding and surveying offers companies an efficient alternative to conventional methods.

"Thanks to ASDRO's advanced exploratory methods, we can obtain quick results while minimizing the impact on the terrain and increasing the acceptance of our projects by land owners and managers."
Florian Rosenbusch
Erneuerbare Energien Fabrik